Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bio Ionic Straightening - Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5 Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron

Bio Ionic Straightening - Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5 Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron


Bio Ionic Straightening:Silicone Speed Strips provide faster straightening and increased shine. New Tri Strip Technology creates 3x Smoother Hair. NanoIonic Mineral conditions hair, seals and smoothes the cuticle. 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 9 feet swivel cord NanoIonic mineral hydrates dry, damaged hair. Smoothes fly-aways and controls frizz. Creates brilliance and shine

Nanoionics minerals infused into the elite pro styling collection emit negative ions that break down water clusters. These micronized water molecules penetrate hair for extreme hydration giving it a silky, smooth feel. Far Infrared Energy For Silky Smooth Conditioned Hair
Bio Ionic Straightening - A bit about my hair: I have long wavy/curly hair (type 2b) that is prone to breakages. For this reason, I tend to be very cautious when it comes to using heat styling on my hair, preferring to air dry and leave naturally whenever possible. Previously, I owned a cheap Conair hair straightener which would sort of do the job after several passes, though it tended to be a bit tough on my hair.

After a visit to my stylist where she did some lovely loose curls using a flat iron, I decided to go ahead and invest in a higher quality iron to try and duplicate the style as much as possible. I made a note of the brand (this brand, Bio Ionic) that my stylist was using and decided to purchase this iron based on that and other Amazon reviews.

There are several features I really like about this iron.Bio Ionic Straightening  It has four different heat settings, which makes me feel a lot better about using heat styling on my hair because I can adjust the heat if necessary. I've found I don't have to use the highest setting to get good results and just like the name says, one pass really does straighten your hair, once you find the right setting! I really loved that I didn't have to do several passes through my hair to get it nice and smooth. The edges are curved so if you want to do curls with it, you can, and it curls very nicely to boot.

This iron also heats up VERY quickly. Seriously, it's hot within a matter of seconds, which is awesome because I am rushed in the morning and sometimes just want to touch up my bangs before running out the door. It does not have an auto off function, so keep that in mind!


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